In this fast-paced Digital world, The words like programming languages, python, java, machine learning etc are heard as a common word

Before knowing about the use of programming languages we need to know about the evolution of programming languages


In this fast-paced Digital world, The words like programming languages, python, java, machine learning etc are heard as a common word

Programming languages: As the name suggests, programming languages are languages which are used to communicate with computers or machines

Now let’s see its definition

Programming languages can be defined as the set of instructions or commands written in the English language with some logic to get the desired output

Examples of programming languages: Java, Python, c, c++ etc

Now we may get the question

How do computers or machines understand programming languages

Actually, computers or machines can’t understand programming languages

They only understand binary languages that are 0 and 1

We made computers or machines to understand machine language or binary language

It is much easier to make machines and computers to understand binary languages than any other things because 0 represent ON and 1 represent OFF

ON and OFF is already there in hardware

For programmers, it is very hard to write instructions to computer or machines in binary language or machine language

It is very hard to spot errors and edit the binary language

Due to these difficulties

people created Assembly language which is similar to the English language

Assembly language

Assembly language is a low-level symbolic language which came after binary language

Assembly language is converted to binary language or machine language by using a  program called the assembler

Assembly language also has got many Disadvantages

  • One of the main disadvantages in assembly language is the code written in one computer might not run on another computer or machine with different hardware
  • It has difficult syntax than higher level programming languages
  • It is difficult to learn and remember compared to programming languages
  • To program in assembly language the programmer should know about the internal structure of the processor
  • Assembly language is hard to edit and reuse

Due to these disadvantages, the use of assembly language is reduced.

The use of high-level programming language has come Into role

Some of the common high-level programming languages are Java, C, C++, Python etc

Advantages of high-level programming language

  • Programmers are not necessary to be known about the architecture of the machine
  • It is easy to learn compared to low-level language and binary language
  • The concepts in object-oriented programming ( oop) can be implemented easily in high-level programming languages
  • A high-level language is less prone to error and easier for maintenance
  • Some of the high-level languages are machine independent. Ex: Java

Now, we have seen how the programming languages evolved from binary language to high-level language

evoloution of programming languages

Let’s see the Use of various high-level programming languages

  1. Java

Java is a fast, secure and reliable programming language which came into existence by implementing the slogan  “ WORA – Write once and Run Anywhere “

Which will enable platform independence

Java is used in Desktop GUI Applications, Mobile Applications, Embedded systems, Web Applications, Web Servers and Application Servers, Enterprise applications etc

  1. Python

Python is high level, interpreted, general purpose programming language released in the 1990s

Python is easy to learn for beginner’s as it’s syntax is easy to learn compared to other languages like java

Python programming language is mainly used for the development of desktop and web-based applications

  1. C#

C# is object-oriented, general-purpose, high-level programming language created by Microsoft in the 2000s

C# is used for game development, web application development, console applications etc

C# uses .NET Framework

  1. C

C is a procedural language developed in 1970s

The c programming language is mainly developed as a system programming language to write an operating system

Some of the other applications of c programming language are computer applications, Embedded software creating compilers etc

  1. C++

C++ is object-oriented, general purpose  programming language which came as a successor for c programming language

Some of the main uses of c++ programming languages are in game development, designing database, designing web browser, Embedded systems etc

  1. PHP

Php is a general-purpose programming language mainly used for server-side programming in web applications and desktop GUI applications

Php is widely known for small level and medium level web development

Php is a good start for freelancers who need to work as a web developer

  1. SQL

SQL ( Structured Query Language ) is mainly used for database management that is storing and retrieving data from the server


  1. Swift

Swift is a general purpose, an open source programming language developed by Apple Inc and used for making ios ( iPhone os ) apps

Swift is easy to learn for beginners who aspire to become ios developer

  1. Ruby

Ruby is general purpose, high-level programing language developed in the 1990s in Japan

Ruby is mainly used in the development of web applications

  1. Fortran

Fortran is a general-purpose, a procedural programming language developed by IBM in 1950s

Fortran is mainly used for scientific computations and numeric operations ( high – performance computing )

  1. Perl

Perl is a high level interpreted programming language developed by Larry Wall

Perl is used in the front end with combination with HTML and also used in the database with  the combination of MySQL

  1. Javascript

Javascript is client scripting language and the main uses of javascript are web development, developing web applications, developing server applications, developing web servers etc

Javascript language is growing enormously over the past lustrum

  1. GO ( Golang )

Go is a statically typed, compiled programming language developed by Google in 2009

The uses of Go programming languages are server-side development, developing web applications, pure-socket servers etc

Go language is not used for embedded or real-time software


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