ROOTING ANDROID PHONE ( everything about rooting )


ROOTING ANDROID PHONE ( everything about rooting )


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Rooting can be defined as gaining administrative (admin) access to your android phone, that is getting access to the root directory of your android phone

Rooting is usually done to get out of the various restrictions that the mobile phone manufacturer put on it

For various security reasons android phone doesn’t come rooted

Rooting in ios is known as jailbreak with slight variation


Let’s explain this by taking an example

So that, even a non-technical guy could easily understand this

Consider you are living in a flat. You would be allowed to do things like attaching curtains, changing bulbs, fans etc but you won’t be allowed to make a major modification like rebuilding rooms, demolishing  walls etc


You can compare rooting with gaining access to even make major modifications like rebuilding rooms, demolishing walls etc as mentioned above

Like this

In a non-rooted phone, we can do small modifications like installing apps, installing OTA updates changing wallpapers, saving numbers in contacts etc

But in a rooted phone, you cant uninstall bloatwares, install custom recovery, custom ROM, change boot animation and much more

  •  What is bloatwares

Bloatwares are apps which are pre-installed in your android phone and you can’t uninstall these apps without rooting your android phone. These apps are also called as system apps and crapware


  • Why do manufacturers preload with bloatware apps

Because there is a fee associated with installing these bloatwares in android phone

Which will create an extra source of income from, so they can also reduce the cost of the device

  •  What is custom ROM

Custom ROM can be defined as the modified version of Android source code provided by Google but this is not the case for ios, ios are not open source so you can’t find any custom ROMs

In simple words, custom ROM is like modified version operating systems provided in pc

  •  Why custom ROM is made

By making a custom ROM, you can add new features, improve the performance of your android phone, customize your android phone and much more


  •  What is custom recovery

Custom recovery can be defined as the modified recovery environment, every phone come with a pre-installed recovery

  • Why custom recovery is used

Custom recovery is mainly used to install custom ROM and in some subsidiary tasks like  backup, wipe data, cache rooting etc

As everything in the world has pros and cons

Like that

Rooting also has its own advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of rooting

  1. Rooting android phone: Installing custom ROM

Rooting the Android phone allows you to install custom ROM and tweaking kernel

Most of the custom ROMs are specially optimized for increasing battery life and performance

  • What is kernel

A kernel is part of the Android operating system which supports various apps and hardware in an android phone

Examples of custom ROM: lineage os, asop, CyanogenMod, resructon remix etc

These are the most common custom ROMs available now

  1. Rooting android phone: removing bloatware or crapware or system apps

In an android phone, it is merely impossible to uninstall bloatware/crapware/system-apps pre-installed by manufacturers

After rooting the Android phone, you can easily uninstall bloatware/crapware/system-apps so you can release the internal storage and ram used by these apps

I have seen certain cases, where battery performance is degraded by some of these but the situation had changed

Now developers are taking keen attention on these apps to remove apps which causes problems to Android operating systems

  1. Rooting Android phone: Add extra features and functionality

By rooting the Android phone, you can add extra functionalities like double tap to wake up, double tap to screen off, swipe to open apps etc

And also remove some of these features to increase the battery performance

  1. Rooting Android phone: installing non-supported / incompatible apps

After rooting an Android phone, you can install most of the incompatible apps

So let’s take my example for this

A few years ago, I got an idea of starting a technology youtube channel  and make tutorials on various issues in the Android phone

I had only a minimal budget to start my youtube channel, so I thought of creating videos by screen record my android phone and giving a voice over by using a mike

Now I ended up with a major problem in creating videos for my youtube channel

We can only screen record in an Android phone with Android version 5.0+, That is above lollipop

My phone redmi note 4g with android version 4.4.4

I searched nuke and corner on the internet to find an app which allows to screen record in android version 4.4.4 ( KitKat) but I failed

So I got only two solutions, root my phone or update my android version to a higher android version. I can’t update because I got no update to later versions of android

So I just rooted my phone and the problem is solved

  1. Rooting android phone: increase battery life and speed

By uninstalling bloatware and by using greenify app, we can increase the battery life and performance of the android device

Basically, greenify app closes useless apps /hibernate to increase performance and battery life

This apps was earlier only available for rooted android phone

Now its changed, this app is now also available for even  non- rooted Android phones

  1. Rooting android phone: underclock/overclock CPU performance/ speed in the Android device

In a non-rooted phone, we can’t underclock/overclock CPU speed but in a rooted android phone we can underclock and overclock CPU/ processor

Underclocking increases battery life whereas overclocking increases android phones performance

There are many apps for underclocking and overclocking in rooted android phone

Both overclocking and underclocking have its own pros and cons. we will see the cons in the disadvantages section

  1. Rooting android phone: backup the whole device data

In a rooted android phone, we can back up the whole device data including app data, photos, videos and files but in a non – rooted android phone, we cant backup the whole device data

It has many limitations

We cant take backup app data , system settings etc




Let’s see the disadvantages/cons in rooting your android phone


Disadvantages of rooting an android phone


  1. Rooting android phone: Rooting can brick your android device

Any mishandling in the rooting process could turn your android phone into a piece of unusable thing /brick. If you are new to this then the chances of bricking your android phone are also higher

  1. Rooting android phone: loose warranty


Another major fact is that you would lose warranty after rooting your android phone

still, there are chances of  unrooting your android phone and regain your phones warranty


Still, there are times where you can’t go back to the non-rooted android phone and most of the time, you will end up voiding the warranty

  1. Rooting android phone: Loose getting OTA updates

In a rooted android phone, you won’t get regular OTA updates given by manufacturer still you can manually install OTA updates by using custom recovery or by using pc

  1. Rooting android phone: Security

In rooted phones, we cant use banking apps but we can also solve this issue by replacing supersu by magisk (hiding root)

  1. Overheating

If you overclock your rooted android phone above the preferred range. it can cause overheating and can damage the hardwares in the rooted android phone


How to root an android phone

There is no universal method for rooting an android phone. if someone justifies by saying there is a universal method for rooting android phone

Then be careful

It’s a scam

Every phone has its own unique method of rooting the particular android phone

There any many apps to root the android phone namely king root, iroot, kingoroot, frameroot but these apps are only available till android version 5.0 and rarely some android phones with android version 6.0 also get into this list. there are exceptions in this also, that my android phone redmi note 4g which comes under this category with android version 4.4.4 (KitKat )

But my don’t support these one – click root apps, it has an entirely unique method to root

That is

By unlocking bootloader and directly flashing/installing custom recovery and installing/flashing supersu through custom recovery namely twrp, cynagenmod etc

But now twrp is the most commonly used custom recovery

How to find a working method to root my android phone

Search: how to root “ phone name with model number “ xda forum

Replace your “phone name with model “ with your phone name

Ex: how to root redmi root 4g xda forum

  • Why to check in xda

This is a trusted place where many professional developers post how to root guides, and much more

To ensure the method is working

Check the comment so you can see the level of success of the rooting guide

Now, We are done with learning the disadvantages and advantages of rooting

Now we will see the apps exclusively for rooted phone

These apps play an essential reason behind rooting the android phone

After rooting your android phone we have tons of apps exclusively for rooted android phone

Now let’s see some of these apps


  1. Titanium backup


Titanium backup had become the best apps for taking backup in the rooted android phone by its astonishing features such as backing up system data, app data, wifi passwords and whole media storage.

The backup created by titanium backup is saved as a zip file which is easy to carry, portable and safe as it is encrypted

After rooting, the first thing comes in peoples mind is to install a custom ROM and when installing custom ROM the worst thing is losing the precious data and this problem can be easily solved by using titanium backup app

  1. Disk digger pro


When you accidentally lost or deleted your precious data , there is no app to recover it without using pc

But by rooting your android phone it is easy to recover your deleted data by using disk digger pro app

The level of precision in recovering data in disk digger pro is higher

  1. Set CPU

As we have mentioned in the above paragraphs, this is the most convenient app used to overclock/underclock your CPU.

Overclocking and underclocking has its potential risks, so do this after gathering good knowledge about these apps

This app is best for increasing your performance of your android phone for gaming and other CPU intensive apps

  1. Root checker


This is the first app used after rooting an android phone, as the names suggests it will check whether the android phone is rooted or not

There is an essential app for checking root and trusted app for rooted android phones

  1. Az screen recorder

Below android verision 5.0 , its impossible to screen record without rooting or upgrading to later verision

This is the most used app to screen record after rooting your android phone and it can also record sounds using the mike connected in 3.5mm jack

This essential for gamers who want to record gameplays

  1. Flashify

Here an amazing app using this app there is no much hassle of reboting into recovery and flashing and then reboting . this reboting process itself grabs your precious time

We can flash files zip and img files within this app

  1. Xposed installer

This app allows you to install specific modules from the repository which allows awesome customization in your android phone

Without this the purpose of rooting your android phone is incomplete

  1. Busy box


For some apps, busy box is require to provide root acess like terminal emulater

  1. Wifi wpa wps tester

This is one of the best app used to hack wifi with wps protection

This app can be easily used by even non-techy people. The founder of this app created this app to find the vulnerability in wifi but people use this app to hack vulnerable wifi

Anyway, this is one of the best app for rooted android phone

  1. Led control

As the name suggests, this app is used to control led light colour and can also assign the different colour for the different application using this app

We have more apps specifically for the rooted phone. if you need more of such apps comment below we will update this post


If you have read the whole post, you have done an awesome thing by gaining all the knowledge needed before rooting your android phone

Now its your turn

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