[How to use Logic] Let’s choose a sound source that suits the genre you want to make


What kind of sound source do you use to make songs with Logic Pro X? Logic has a lot of built-in sound sources, so don’t you know which one to use?

This time, for beginner users, we will explain the recommended accessory sound sources for each genre you want to make, which is useful when selecting a sound source

  1. Initial settings

Logic Pro X contains many sound sources, but if you cannot select the sound source, it is because you have not downloaded it, so please install it by the following method.

 Menu Logic Pro X, Sound library, Choose to download all available sounds. You can also download all Logic Pro X sound library from this link: https://lisanilssonart.com/download-logic-pro-x-for-windows/

  1. List of attached software sound sources

  • Alchemy: Synth sound source
  • Drum Kit Designer: Drum sound source 
  • EFM1 (FM Synth): FM synthesizer sound source
  • ES E (Ensemble Synth): Simple and easy-to-use synth sound source 
  • ESPN (Monophonic Synth): Monophonic Synth
  • ES P (Polyphonic Synth): Polyphonic Synth
  • ES 1 (Synthesizer 1): Synth sound source
  • ES 2 (Synthesizer 2): Synthesizer with many basic tones 
  • EVOC 20 PS (Vocoder Synth): Vocoder Synth
  • EXS24 (Sampler): Sampler sound source containing sounds of all genres 
  • RETRO Synth: Vintage synth
  • Sculpture (Modeling Synth): Modeling synth sound source
  • UltraBeat (Drum Synth): Drum Synth
  • Vintage B3 Organ: Vintage Organ
  • Vintage Clav: Vintage clavinet
  • Vintage Electric Piano: Electric piano sound sources such as Rose and Woolitzer
  1. EXS24

The best sound source for making ROCK and POPS is ESX24 , which covers most tones from Piano to Synth, Bass and Guitar, Strings and Brass. This is a frequently used sound source.

To change the sound, click on the red frame and the tone category will appear. Select the sound you want to output. This time, I chose the Classic Piano Classic Piano from Acoustic Pianos.

How to use the sound source for each genre

You have to use different sound sources for each genre, such as POPS, ROCK, R & B, and EDM.


Basically, orthodox tones such as piano, drums, bass, guitar, and synths are used, so it is recommended to use the following.

  • EXS24 (Sampler): Piano, bass, guitar, etc.
  • Drum Kit Designer: Drums
  • ES E (Ensemble): Synth pad


Bass, drums, guitar, piano, organ, etc. are the main instruments, so I think you should choose the following.

  • EXS24 (Sampler): Guitar, bass, etc.
  • Drum Kit Designer: Drums
  • Vintage B3 Organ: Organ

R & B, Soul

Genres such as R & B and soul are mainly driven and analog instruments such as acoustic guitar and piano, so I think you should choose the following.

  • EXS24 (Sampler): Acoustic guitar, bass drum, etc.
  • Vintage Electric Piano: Electric piano, etc.
  • ES E (Ensemble): Synth pad

EDM (Electro Dance Music)

EDM has a wide definition, but in this genre it is good to listen to various sounds of synths in general, but it is best to choose one that contains standard tones rather than projectile tones.

  • EXS24 (Sampler): Synth, bass, drums, etc.
  • ES 2: Synthesizer 2
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