How to check whether a site is safe


How to check whether a site is safe


In this fast-moving digital world, the chances of virus and phishing threat are also increasing drastically

We would get lots of links from various social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, youtube etc

At least one among us will have these questions in mind once

Are these links safe?


Is this a phishing site?


Does this site have a virus threat?

So why can’t we check the safety of these links and websites before entering into the website

We here to teach you a few methods of how to check whether a website or link is safe

So without much waiting lets dive into the topic


Virus total is website used to scan URL, IP address, files and email attachment

The popular malware namely ransomware which used to spread through email and these malwares are dangerous and used to threatened the owner of the pc to misuse the data

Instead of being a prey for these malwares we can easily prevent it

Here I am quoting a famous proverb

“ prevention is better than cure “

so we should check URLs, files, email attachments if we found it suspicious to avoid the risk

usually, most of the online scanning websites don’t allow to scan email attachments but virus total gives it for absolutely free

virus total scans the file or URL from 70+ security companies namely Avira, CRDF, cyradar, dns8, ESET and much more

By analysing the pro and cons of this, we can easily say

It’s worth it

So let’s check how to use this

Go to virus total

How to check whether a site is safe



The interface looks like this

By selecting “chose file “ in the file section

You can upload and scan any file type up to 256mb for free

Secondly by selecting the “search bar” in the URL section

You can search specific websites or various links shared in social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter etc   before entering into the link to ensure safety

Method: 2 using safe browsing search

check whether a website is safe

google Safe browsing search is powered by Google  to find unsafe websites

It will scan to find any malwares found on the website and also used to check whether the site has phishing pages

you can insert the website link in the search bar and find the result

By using these two websites, you can easily find whether a website is safe or not

Before all these first things to check is whether the website is https or HTTP

For ensuring better security, use websites having https

These two websites are user-friendly and can even be easily used by a non-technical guy

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