We all know we can increase ram in computer and laptop but most of the people don’t know  “ can we really increase ram in the android phone “

It’s like a mysterious secret that only known by geeks

So don’t worry

we are here to reveal this secret

Theoretically its possible


Don’t get into a conclusion just by reading the above statement


Practically its impossible

I know

You are confused

To get a clear understanding of this, we need to know about ram and other storage hardware

what is ram

Ram is a hardware which is used to temporarily store data and serves as a working memory

Why RAM is used instead of using other storage hardware

RAM is much quicker than any other types of storage hardware such as sd card, hard drive and even SSD

Function of RAM

RAM stores data temporarily. For example, when you open an app the data of the app is temporarily stored in ram, for very fast access to this data. ram is also called as volatile memory because the data stored in will be lost when power is off

Now let’s see about storage devices

Uses of storage devices

Let’s take few examples of storage devices such as sd card, hard disk

Are they faster as ram

Absolutely NO

Let’s compare both

Practically sd card can accept data at a speed of 4-8MB/s while ram can accept data at an average speed of 5-7GB/s

so from this small data, we can understand sd card can nowhere come near in terms of speed with ram


you would be thinking

he said in the above statement we can increase ram in android phone theoretically

now let’s see that

we can theoretically increase ram by using various apps such as ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER, SWAPIT RAM EXPANDER, RAM EXPANDER etc which require root access

what do these apps really do

basically, these apps create swap memory

so we need to know

what is swap memory

we can define swap memory as virtual ram, basically, we are assigning a small part of the sd card storage to do the tasks of ram ( random access memory).

does this swap memory practically increase the performance of an android phone


We know sd card’s  accept speed much lower than ram as shown in the above statement

This is like adding water with petrol in a petrol motorcycle.

Will it increase the fuel in motorcycle

No instead it will degrade the motorcycle parts


Let’s see

The cons of using sd card / internal storage swap memory
  • Decrease the life of sd card / internal storage
  • It will reduce the performance of the android device

From these statements, we can come to the conclusion that

We can’t increase ram in an android phone

instead, we can save / clear ram

Now lets someone say you

We can increase ram in the android phone

Just show them this killer article

So we have cleared a doubt

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